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Mar. 7th, 2013

I want to write, but I have no stories.

I always preferred Wide Sargasso Sea

I wanted to put a post it on this at the bookstore that said "it's called fanfiction, and it's free on the internet."

Because this isn't even any "adapted from a fic" stuff, this is straight up Jane Eyre fic in published, hardcover, $16.99 a pop form.


Dec. 29th, 2012

I'm watching Becoming Jane on TV right now, and the sexy things the characters are saying to one another under the guise of english accents, starched collars and literary terminology is just - wow. Delightfully filthy! The english major in me swoons a little.

(Also, hi.)


Guys Guys Guys!

Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger (you may know him as the lead singer of Nickelback!) are engaged.


(Er, this may not be as startling to you if you are not a)Canadian and b)a lady of a certain age.)



1. I have met the inestimable anr and she is a total and complete delight.

2. For the Rookie Blue folks, I saw Missy Peregrym at the Vancouver Folk Fest on Saturday evening. She looks much older in person, and her hair is darker than it appears on tv. Also she was eating a wood-fire oven pizza, despite being super skinny (but still tall, all actor-ly things considered.) I didn't approach her, but stared enough in her direction that I felt perhaps I needed to stop looking before it became completely obvious, so.
2a. Add another check to the Vancouver actors check list.
2b. No, I know Rookie Blue doesn't film here, but she's from here, and Reaper filmed here, so it's half a dozen of one, six of another.

3. And on that note, I'll be east coast bound come September. So long, great West Coast Experiment. Hello again, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

4. I am developing a serious Top Gear problem over here, thank you BBC Canada and your convenient scheduling, and as such things lead me to do, I wandered over to Ao3, and of course there is Top Gear RPF. Of course there is. 282 of them.
4a. Why is there not more Jeremy/Richard? Not that I even really want to read it. No, really. I don't.

May the odds etc etc

I have finally seen The Hunger Games, becoming possibly the last person in the world to do so.

I had always said it Mell-ark. Spoilers for all books.Collapse )

I'm not saying that I'm glad I insisted that the friend who had my copies of the books give them back recently, but I'm pretty sure the rest of my long weekend is going to be spent tucked in bed and on the couch doing a little rereading.
Title: Keep on Dancing (til the world ends)
Author: elly427
Rating: PG13 for an apocalypse and allusions to sexy times. Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir Post Apocalyptic Figure Skating AU. Yes, you read that right.
Summary: Scott has always known Tessa is stronger than she looks.
A/N: I blame/thank callmeonetrack for this.

For the curious: http://bit.ly/HY9bZp I dare you not to adore them and wish them well during the zombie!apocalypse.

see the sunlight, we ain't stoppingCollapse )

*covers eyes*

I know some of you subscribe, so can anyone tell me how cringe-worthy the article is that's teased on the cover of the latest Entertainment Weekly (the one with the cover you've likely seem with the folks from The Vampire Diaries who are apparently in a threesome on the show and maybe in real life?) by the sentence "Meet the Shippers - TV's Weirdest Fans"? I'm curious!

In related news, the cover is just a rip off of the X-Files Rolling Stone cover with David, Gillian and Chris Carter, right?

bah humbug

Every year I think, "maybe this year I should do Yuletide!" and every year my flist starts posting about being finished their stories when I feel like they were just posting about assignments and I think "oh thank God I didn't."

Brought to you by the woman still working on a fic from seven years ago.
Oh, hey there Katniss/Gale chemistry I willfully ignored in the books. (callmeonetrack, I see your previous points. Huh.)


Prim! Cinna! Haymitch! Rue! Effie! I need to reread the series before I see this movie because while Prim and Rue are pretty much exactly how I pictured them, the rest of the cast, not so much, and I feel like my previous impressions are going to be overwritten. (Someone somewhere on the internet was advocating Jay Manuel from ANTM for Cinna and now I cannot unsee it.) But Jennifer Lawrence? And Josh Hutcherson (who I was very happy was cast all along) and one of the Hemsworth brothers (is it the one dating Miley Cyrus? Please say no)? TWO ENTHUSIASTIC THUMBS WAY UP.

Also, I hope the people from the Capitol are more alien in general than the tiny glimpse we got. But A+ on the subtle comparisions to reality tv.

I kind of hope the next trailer is just the scene where Peeta and Katniss make out a little bit. Don't judge.

fuck fuck fuck

The couple that owns the apartment I rent is putting it up for sale. Man. MAN.

I love this apartment. After some terrible experiences in other apartments, I am so happy here! I love the neighbourhood and the building and the space I have here. And now I likely have to move, darn it!

This brings me to my dilemma; I promised myself if I moved again it would be into a place I owned. But in the last year the last of my friend group has packed up and moved away, leaving me here alone, with my family on the other side of the country. I'm pretty sure I don't actually want to buy a place here - I love Vancouver, but I have no real reasons for staying anymore beyond "well, at least everyone here hates the snow as much as I do." But still. Back east is a fine place to be, but going back alone, with a so-so job and nothing really accomplished in the 11 years I've been out west feels like such a defeat. Ugh. UGH.

And worse: now I have to fucking clean so they can show the place. Damn it!

I think I am just going to sit here on my couch and curse for a while. The couch that I bought 6 months ago and is too heavy to move, really. DAMN IT.

doo doo do do do dooooooooooo

Guys, it's 1013. 1013. My 12 year old self is kind of disgusted I almost let today go by unremarked upon and that I had to be reminded by someone on Twitter.

Related: I could name most of Vince Gilligan's X-Files episodes before this writer mentioned them. Pusher! Man. I was way too young to be watching that show. Or reading the fic I did. Hoo boy.


. . . Why is livejournal.com in Russian now? Not once I've logged in, but when I first get there, boom. 


I can indeed confirm

Ms. aj is as delightful in person as you suspect she would be!

(Again, sorry about the car thing.)


My friends, he wrote

For those on my flist interested: some really lovely posters with quotes from Jack Layton's final letters and speeches to Canadians.

(For those confused: Jack Layton was the leader of the Canadian Federal New Democratic Party and passed away yesterday after a battle with cancer. He wrote a beautiful, thoughful, inspiring letter to Canadians before his death, and I don't know anyone who has managed to read it without tearing up. A good man, gone too soon.)

robots need love too

Has anyone made a BSG vid to Dan Mangan's Robots? Because someone should.

Tried to be the Robot King
And settled for the robot boy

I'm no Leoben fan, but this. This is something, especially live.



I am finally, fannishly on twitter:

@fannish_el because I absolutely suck at naming these stupid account things, and elly427 was already taken by someone delightful who tweets in Japanese and is likely horrified by what I've put out onto the universe with the same name *coughrpfcough*. Better name suggestions cheerfully accepted!

No, I know I am a couple years too late for this.


A belated Canada Day to you all

(http://www.wendytancockdesign.blogspot.com/) All of her stuff is fantastic.

Also, I guess we can kind of laugh about the burnings and the riots now? Maybe?

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